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(In-Person or Virtual)

Developed in Collaboration with ICAO     

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Professional Education Course

  • 40-hour training
  • In-Person: 5 days in a classroom setting
  • Monday-Friday (no classes on weekends) 
  • Virtual: 10 half days synchronous/live
  • Certificate of Completion with 4 CEUs 
  • Trainings are available in various multiple global locations and time zones

About the Course

ICAO represents 193 Contracting States to the Chicago Convention. Airlines, airports, cargo companies, and regulators are challenged to successfully manage the constant and ever increasing cybersecurity risks that the aviation industry is faced with.

This ICAO Train Air Plus Foundations of Aviation Cybersecurity course aims to build a solid base of technical workforce, trained mid-level management, as well as C-level executives around the world prepared to understand the unique problems, challenges, and solutions in aviation cybersecurity, and respond to and manage any cybersecurity risks within their enterprise.

In this highly interactive course, students get to explore all facets of the theoretical concepts of aviation cybersecurity while also analyzing case studies together with the instructor. On the last day of the course, students participate in the Tabletop Cybersecurity Incident Exercise.

This exercise uses an aviation-based scenario, combining both leadership and technical aspects of cybersecurity. Students have the opportunity to apply and test what they learned during the course. The Tabletop exercise also provides a real-world example of how such exercises are utilized as practical learning tools for any organization.

Student performance is graded by a mutiple choice quiz, plus the level of participation and engagement in the group discussions and Tabletop Exercise. All course materials, including the ICAO regulations will be provided. Students need to bring their own computers with an Internet browser.

Course Information

Schedule: This partner-ICAO course is being offered in-person around the globe in over four different locations, plus two virtual live sessions that easily accommodate GMT, Central European, West African, Central African, and Eastern Time Zones (see listing below)

Target Group: Employees wanting to learn about aviation cybersecurity, with background in aviation, security, cybersecurity, safety, or management.

Stats: In the past two years, over 220 participants from 16 different countries have taken the course live virtual and in-person.

Cost: The cost for the 40-hour in-person and for the 40-hour virtual-live courses is $2,200 per person. Customized price packages are available for companies and organizations sending 5+ employees. Customized offerings oft he course can also be done at your organization facility if sufficient number of employees are enrolled.

Certificates and CEUs: Each student will receive a Certificate of Completion with an individualized serial number and 4 CEUs awarded.

Instructors: All of our course instructors have been vetted by ICAO and by the Embry-Riddle HR team, and are experts in aviation and cybersecurity.

How to Register

For individuals, the first step in the Registration Process is to set up a profile. Once done, you can add the course(s) of your choice to your shopping cart and submit your credit card payment.

If you would like a quote/invoice for your group, please send an email to the Office of Professional Education at training@erau.edu.

Live Virtual Classroom (10 x 4-hour days)

  • The live and highly interactive virtual (synchronous) version takes place over the course of 2.5 weeks for 4 hours each day, except for Wednesdays.
  • This virtual format includes cutting-edge education resources such as our online learning tool Canvas, a cloud-based educational platform designed with the online teaching and learning experience in mind, viewable on any web browser, computer or mobile device, and allows for engagement and collaboration through video, audio, integrated media recorder, text and discussion boards.
  • ICAO‘s Aviation Cybersecurity Officer will Zoom in and provide an overview of the ICAO cybersecurity regulations.

Access the daily agenda for the 10 half-day course.

2024/2025 dates for Live Virtual Classroom

In-Person Classroom (5 full days)

  • The in-person classroom version of the course takes place for 8 hours each day over the course of one week, Monday through Friday.
  • ICAO‘s Aviation Cybersecurity Officer, Rashad Karaky, will Zoom in and provide an overview of the ICAO cybersecurity regulations.

For a detailed overview of the course content and learning outcomes, please click on the Course Session and Registration links provided above.  

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Did You Know?

  • This is the first aviation cybersecurity course developed in partnership with the ICAO.
  • Over 220 participants from over 14 countries have successfully completed the course.
  • Close to 130 of these participants have taken the course in person!


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