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Embry-Riddle Europe offers a variety of webinars and professional education events throughout the year to keep you up to date in the world of aviation and aerospace. Additionally, for those still deciding on a degree program or career path, we host open houses and info sessions that provide you with the opportunity to talk to our highly trained admissions staff and members of the faculty. With each event, we offer you the chance to learn more about the University and get you a step closer to reaching your full potential.

We're going virtual! Considering the COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to go virtual for our events. While each of us has hoped to come together in-person at university fairs, information sessions, seminars, and conferences, doing so would put people at risk, hence the decision. Our global admissions team remains committed to ensuring the continuity of your international education, advising you on matters related to admissions, scholarships, career paths, and more.

Upcoming Events

Professional Education Online Course Preview: Understanding Safety Management Systems: The Role Imagination Plays in Risk Management

This 3-week online certificate course is designed to prepare managers, entrepreneurs, and organizational members from the sharp end of aviation and other high risk / high consequence areas to understand what the intent of SMS is, why failures happen, and how they can be avoided in an ideal scenario. The guiding questions are: What is most likely your next accident? How do you know? What are you doing about it? Is it working? 

The course is provisionally recognized by European Association for Aviation Psychologists as a half course. 

Date: Oct. 18-Nov. 7, 2021; Nov. 8-29, 2021 

Cost: $1635 plus 19% VAT (EUR 1390 plus 19% VAT)

To register for the course, visit https://www.enrole.com/erau/jsp/course.jsp?categoryId=71DDDB00&courseId=EUR-1005.

Questions? Please send an email to europe@erau.edu or call +49-152-06522400.

Professional Education Seminar: Implementing an EASA/ICAO Safety Management Plan

If you are challenged by the European Union's Aviation Safety Management Systems Regulations and in need of someone to guide you through the regulatory labyrinth, consider this exciting opportunity.

This Seminar can be offered in-person or virtually to special interest groups, commercial clients, and to government entities.

Check out a seminar overview. 

To find a virtual open house event in your time zone, please visit the Embry-Riddle Enrollment Management Events Page.

For questions, email europe@erau.edu or call +49 (0)152-06522400.

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