Airports are like small cities — some having hundreds of thousands of passengers and employees passing through on a daily basis. Employing over 63,000 people, Germany’s largest airport, Frankfurt International, is a prime example of this. And that figure alone makes for a tremendous number of management positions.

Man in suit stands by a commercial airplane.Aviation business administration roles span from air cargo management and airport ramp safety to aviation business management — basically any type of job that combines aviation with business.

Aviation business management is an umbrella term for any type of aviation authority, airport authority or operator responsible for commercial management, marketing and business development, airline management or airport management. You could work for an airline or an airport, overseeing operations as a team leader or a project manager.

As an airport manager, you will need to ensure compliance of rules and regulations, carry out daily tasks to keep all aspects of an airport functioning smoothly and work with airport staff, airlines and shuttle services. You would also need to monitor expenses and be sure they align with predetermined budgets. 

Whichever type of management career you opt for, you will need a strong business background combined with knowledge of aviation. You will want to know a bit about economics, aeronautical science, business statistics and accounting, business marketing and management, as well as international business.

Embry-Riddle’s Bachelor of Science in Aviation Business AdministrationMaster of Aeronautical Science, and Master of Business Administration in Aviation programs provide you with this combined knowledge that enables you to go on to become an effective leader.

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