Personality Traits That Predict Behavior in Pilots

A man interviews a woman

January 8, 2019, 9:00 CET or 1 p.m. EST

Are you interested in pilot personality testing, but you are skeptical about the usability of the tools on the market?

This complimentary webinar will provide an overview of effective psychometric profiling and show you how you can use psychometric profiling tools, using real-world examples in pilot selection. We will explore how to read personality profiles and its best utilization in aviation context (e.g. in the selection and in the simulator).

The webinar is instructed by Karina Mesarosova, an adjunct professor with Embry-Riddle Worldwide and a managing partner of KM Flight Research & Training, an EU-based company specializing in Human Factors. Mesarosova is an EAAP-accredited aviation psychologist as well as a member of the British Psychological Society and the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations. She remains active within the research field to continue to improve the effectiveness of Human Factors within aviation. Her research interests include the use of personality profiling in aviation and practical approaches to assessing and managing fatigue.

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