International developments in sUAS: SORA as Best Practice Example

Small drone flies by trees


September 18th at 19:00 CET 

The use of sUAs, also known as drones, is increasing worldwide. Platforms become more mature and capable and the rules for safe and secure operations have to adapt. 

Key questions for regulators and authorities are:

What are the regulatory requirements for remote pilot certifications? Is registration and certification necessary? How does the SORA process work? 

This webinar informs about the current developments in regulation of commercial sUAS, recreational drone operations and public state flights. 

Target audiences are: 

  • Representatives of Civil Aviation Authorities
  • Insurance Companies
  • Governmental bodies, including First responder, fire brigades and law enforcement

About the Presenters

Christian Janke

Christian Janke has been in military service for 14 years as air operations officer and helicopter pilot. He served in several multinational staff deployments, responsible for Public Affairs and Strategic Communication. He is an auditor for quality management, also a trainer for Human Factors & Crew Resource Management and an instructor for Safety Management and Risk Assessment.

Christian's research focus is on Unmanned Systems, robotics and autonomy. Especially in Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) he focuses on their capabilities, protection against misuse, business models, and regulatory environment. In this function he is a Research Fellow at the European Aviation Security Center.



Pierluigi CaponeMr. Pierluigi Capone has about 25 years of aviation experience with both military and civil fixed and rotary-wing aircraft. He is Senior Lecturer for Flight Mechanics and Flight Control System at the Centre for Aviation of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences. Mr. Capone participated to several safety-critical Fly-By-Wire systems development and is also currently involved in the development of High Integrity Flight Control Unit for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (SUAS) under a grant from the Swiss Federal Office for Civil Aviation (FOCA).

He is responsible for the Continuing Education course for SORA (Specific Operation Risk Assessment) provided in collaboration with FOCA. He is also active in the field of flight controls teaching and consulting on several different projects concerning manned and unmanned aircraft.