The new EU/EASA Basic Regulation and the impact for aviation organizations and aviation authorities

The new EU/EASA Basic Regulation and the impact for aviation organisations and aviation authorities

Tuesday, October 16, 2018, 19:00-20:00 CET


The European Commission has published on 22 August 2018 the new EU/EASA Basic Regulation. The review started already back in 2012 and has now come to a final proposal.

In the new EU/EASA Basic Regulation the European Commission, the EU member States and the European Parliament have given the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) new competences and tasks to support further harmonisation and standardisation of aviation safety regulations within the European Union.  The Regulation is formally named “ Regulation (EU) 2018/1139 of the European Parliament and the Council of 4 July 2018.” The new EU/EASA competences are throughout the whole of the aviation system and will have a major impact on the European aviation system. New developments like cybersecurity, unmanned aircraft, ground handling are an example of a few of the new competences.  Another major new element is the fact that the new regulation can also be applied to aircraft carrying out military, customs, search and rescue, border control, firefighting and coastguard or similar services undertaken in the public interest, if member States would like to do so. The new regulation should also provide for a number of new tools that should support the implementation of simple and proportionate rules for sport and recreational aviation.

On Tuesday, October 16, 2018, 19:00-20:00 CET , we will offer an hour-long webinar to highlight the major changes in the new EASA Basic Regulation and the potential impact on the aviation sector and beyond. Jules Kneepkens will, after a short introduction on process of making this new EASA Basic Regulation highlight the new competences and the possible impact for aviation organisations and persons active in aviation.

The 60-minute complimentary session concludes with a moderated live question and answer period. 

Jules Kneepkens

About the Presenter: Jules Kneepkens 

Jules Kneepkens has worked in senior management positions for national and international aviation Authorities. He has been the Director of Civil Aviation in the Netherlands, Director General of Civil Aviation in Belgium and as Director Rulemaking at the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). The last three years, Jules advises aviation service providers and civil aviation authorities on ICAO EU/EASA organizational and regulation issues and provides training on the EU/EASA regulatory structure and regulations.

For more than two decades, Kneepkens has been involved in aviation policy making (safety, environment, economic) and aviation oversight activities. Kneepkens was involved in the establishment of EASA, was a board member of the EASA Management Board and held the position as EASA Rulemaking Director for 6 years. At EASA was responsible for developing new EU/EASA safety regulations also responsible for the EASA International Department. Kneepkens has been the Vice-President of EUROCONTROL, JAA Board and Chair of the ICAO-IFFAS fund.

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