Webinar on communication risks in the 21st century

Communication Risks in the 21st Century

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WEBINAR: Communication Risks in the 21st century

WHEN: March 7, 2018 at 7 p.m. Central European time

A key element of risk decision-making is determining if the risk is justified.

Do you trust your own words and statements? You're quite right if you don't.

Since Twitter is the already old kid on the block of digitized communications you can't be sure of the traditional media channels. Particularly in jobs related to all security issues in aeronautics, the airline - and airport industry. Digital media is focused on sensational headlines because they generate cash and attention. But are you prepared to face the mostly unknown challenges? You might think you're on save grounds, but only one little mistake can derail your career and the corporations policy and success you worked for.

In this complimentary webinar we will explore all communication risks seemingly out of control in order to equip you to handle unwanted as well as needed media attention. If you're a corporate spokesperson or someone with less media experience about to go public, Uwe Westphal will give you the space to get ready for your job. He is a coach with 30 years of media experience in Germany, UK and US, a communications risk consultant for stock listed companies and the BCCG.

For more information, please email europe@erau.edu. Follow this link to register now.